Dos and Donts of erotic massage for escorts

Because clients can go to nearly any spa or clinic for a deep tissue massage, many escorts overlook this as a service they can provide during encounters. However, many clients find that a massage is a great way for them to ease into intimacy with an escort. Plus, it’s a two-for-one bonus for them; they get a great massage and intimate services with an escort all in one appointment, instead of having to book separate times with two providers.
Giving a massage doesn’t sound all that difficult when you first start thinking about it. But, when you consider all of the aspects that go into an effective rub-down, the process becomes a bit more complicated with several variables that you must attend to. Use these tips and objectives as you introduce erotic massage as a service for your clients: Plan the massage so it fits within the timeframe of your client’s encounter. Escorts should carefully watch the time spent on massage so that a client feels he gets the services he’s hoping for. During…


The word ‘massage’ can cover a whole host of techniques and methods used to help a person relax, as well as a huge range of areas to focus on from the very tips of the toes to the top of your head. Here on London Escort, we look at the difference between a sensual massage and an erotic massage.

Sensual massage A sensual massage concentrates of arousing all of the senses with touches all over. The entire body is rubbed, stroked, and massaged in order to arouse the person. The aim is usually to enhance arousal or to begin getting someone aroused. When enjoying a sensual massage you may have your ‘sweet spots’ touched by your masseuse, but sometimes you may not. It is up to the person giving the message as to how far they will go in order to arouse you. Usually, you will receive a sensual massage without a ‘happy ending’ or without having your genitals touched. Erotic massageAn erotic massage focuses on the areas of your body that are sexually responsive. While your masseuse may touch on…


When you get into a regular thing with a girl and you’re both enjoying the sex, it’s down to you to make sure that things remain exciting in the bedroom. One of the best ways to do this is to introduce sensual massage techniques that will get her all hot and bothered. The more you can prolong the foreplay and sexual tension before you even get down to the nookie, the more she will be begging you to bang her and the more likely she will be able to orgasm… like CRAZY! NOTE: Massage is amazing, but it’s nothing without the skills. Meaning you need to know how to bang her so she orgasms. WHY SENSUAL MASSAGE TECHNIQUES WORK All over a woman (and man’s body) are pressure points that once massaged will release the tension in the muscles and relax the body entirely. By getting her fully relaxed she will be able to have multiple orgasms in a much shorter amount of time. You see with most guys, it’s just about the sex… you stick it in, wiggle it about and climax in a few minutes… where’s the fun…

The Erotic Massage Service – Learn to Master It and to Make It Memorable!

Ladies, as you all know the competition in the escort industry is big and fierce! There are a lot of providers of sex services and a lot of exotic and young girls are entering this business every day.

That’s why it’s important to constantly improve your skills and to offer only the services at which you are an expert at.

Because it is not the number of services listed in your profile, that counts but the level of expertise in that particular service.

Be an expert in the services you provide!
So think about your sexual skills, about the services that you enjoy offering and the ones that are most appreciated by your clients and constantly improve your technique in that area so that you become an expert!

Your goal: become the go-to girl for the clients interested in a particular service. For example, the go-to girl when it comes to erotic massage or the go-to girl for role-playing and sex games.

The erotic massage is on the service list of many escorts but not all of them really master the ar…