Dos and Donts of erotic massage for escorts

Because clients can go to nearly any spa or clinic for a deep tissue massage, many escorts overlook this as a service they can provide during encounters. However, many clients find that a massage is a great way for them to ease into intimacy with an escort. Plus, it’s a two-for-one bonus for them; they get a great massage and intimate services with an escort all in one appointment, instead of having to book separate times with two providers.

Giving a massage doesn’t sound all that difficult when you first start thinking about it. But, when you consider all of the aspects that go into an effective rub-down, the process becomes a bit more complicated with several variables that you must attend to. Use these tips and objectives as you introduce erotic massage as a service for your clients:
  1. Plan the massage so it fits within the timeframe of your client’s encounter. Escorts should carefully watch the time spent on massage so that a client feels he gets the services he’s hoping for. During an hour booking, a massage that lasts between 25 and 30 minutes is a good target, leaving extra time for intercourse (or other intimacies) and a quick shower afterward. Of course, it’s fairly common for a client to interrupt the massage when he becomes aroused and interested in “other” activities. Just the same, it’s important to have your massage strategy well thought out prior to the encounter. For instance, plan to spend five minutes on the head and face, with other intervals set aside for the torso, legs, genitals, etc. When you have a timed method of performing your massage, it’s easier to fit it in during the encounter effectively and avoid losing track of time. (If your client is really enjoying himself, it’s easy to spend more time on massaging him than you originally intended. A plan helps you stay on track.)
  2. Ask your client to stretch his muscles before you begin the massage. Most massage therapists encourage their clients to get the circulation in their muscles going by doing a few quick exercises. Lunges, arm twirls and neck rotations help wake up the muscles and ease initial tension. When clients increase circulation through these movements, their muscles are much more ready to be touched and rubbed. If you choose, you can do these motions with your client, or ask him to do them as you prepare the oils, towels and other aspects of the room. However, if your client seems uncomfortable with these steps, don’t’ require him to do them. It’s a help to you (and makes his massage more effective faster), but don’t make a big deal out of it if he isn’t inclined to play along with your request.
  3. Set the mood for the sensual massage. Because this is not just any massage, but a highly erotic one, it’s appropriate to create an atmosphere that is as romantic, sensual and stimulating as possible. Dim the lights, creating a flattering glow with candles placed around the room. (Make sure these are in areas that won’t hinder any “activities” later.) Choose a firm, flat space for your client to lay on during the massage. Many escorts attempt to perform a massage on the bed, but any professional massage therapist will discourage this if the purpose is to relieve tense muscles (in addition to the sensual aspect). The floor is a perfect location if you don’t own a massage table. (If you want to seriously offer this as a service, a table makes you appear much more professional.) Make sure the room is comfortable: it shouldn’t be overly warm or cold. Check with your client about his temperature preferences. Choose music that is soft and soothing; no heavy metal or anything of that sort. Soul music, ambient sound or blues or jazz are great options. Finally, make sure that your hands are warm. There is nothing soothing or erotic about a massage being performed with cold fingers and palms. (Sweaty palms are also a HUGE turn off!)
  4. Make sure you have all supplies ready and close by when you start the massage. Few things are worse during a massage than to start getting all relaxed and have it stop because the massage therapist has to leave to get something he or she forgot. When an escort prepares the massage area for an encounter, it’s essential to lay out everything needed for the process. Choose an oil that isn’t heavily scented and won’t stain your bedding, linens or other fabrics it comes into contact with. Blended oils from spa shops are best bets. (Test the oil on the client’s hand to ensure he/she isn’t allergic to it.) Lay out plus, white (bleachable) towels for the massage. They can be used to cover the parts of your client’s body that you’re not currently working on. You will also need towels to wipe your hands off between body parts, etc. A towel also works great as a neck roll for your client to make him more comfortable. Wipes are great to use to remove oil from your hands, especially when you need to put on a condom during more intimate moments of the massage/encounter. Keep all of these things nearby so your client’s massage is continuous and fluid, with no interruptions.
  5. Consider the position of your body at all times during the massage. While a massage therapist might advise against allowing your body to touch your client during the process (it distracts from the actual massage), it’s entirely appropriate for a sensual, erotic massage. Rest your breasts on your client, if it seems comfortable. (It’s doubtful that your client will object.) Allow your hair to gently tickle your client, as this is a huge turn on for many people. Straddle your client as you rub his back or work on his torso. Knowing that your pubic area is directly against his body will add to the sensuality of a massage for most clients. If your client seems to be really enjoying the pure aspects of the massage, consider sticking to old-school methods and focusing on the rub-down, instead of body contact. By paying attention to your client’s body language, you should be able to determine what’s working for him/her and what isn’t.
  6. Transition from the massage to other services seamlessly. During many encounters that include spicy massages, the transition from rubbing to sexual intercourse is a very natural one, often lead by or requested from the client. However, some instances require you to make the judgment call about how to move from one process to the next. When the client makes the move, it’s obvious what should happen next. If no move is indicated, you may direct the activities by undressing (if you’re not already in the nude), which may be enough to incite the transition into occurring. Other times, an escort has to simply indicate that she’s aroused, letting her client know that he is welcome to make the “next” move. Many clients only need the green light from an escort to jump to intercourse. If none of these techniques seem to work or appear inappropriate, resort to simply asking your client if he wants to change the course of action and get it on.
  7. Get your professional massage therapist license. If you really want to market yourself as being able to give a massage, along with your escort services, becoming licensed is the way to go. Throughout the United States, many vocational schools offer classes that lead up licensure and teach you about the many methods of massage, in addition to important details about muscles and anatomy. You will improve your technique, which will make you even more effective, in addition to the sensual touch you add with your clients. Not only will they come to you for your escort services, but the relaxation they receive from your massage will be icing on the cake, also! Becoming licensed also gives you an excellent cover story for what you tell your friends and family members about your profession. It’s common for licensed massage therapists to work as freelancers, go on outcalls, embrace an irregular schedule and establish unique relationships with clients. Additionally, if you ever want out of your escorting career, you have a well-paying profession to fall back on that is rewarding and respectable.
Many escorts indicate that they would like to give their clients erotic massages, but they don’t really know how to go about it. A basic routine is all that is needed; nothing complicated is required. Try this procedure out with your clients:
  1. Focus on your client’s face and head. Asking your client to lie face up, position yourself behind his head and scratch/rub his scalp. Trace his ear folds and cheekbone contours gently and lightly. Cup his head with your hands and gently press on the acupressure points where his neck meets the skull. There should be hollow areas there; by gradually increasing pressure on them and pulling your client’s head back at the same time, you are stretching out his muscles and awakening all of his sense. Fully prepared for the rest of his massage, your client’s circulation is moving and he’s starting to feel slightly aroused. This process should take about five minutes.
  2. Move to the hip region. Spending about three minutes here, trace the area from your client’s belly button down to his genitals. This highly sensitive area will respond the full way down from the navel. Put a light layer of oil on your hands and circle his belly button with your finger tips and slip down to the “Gate of Origin,” an area that is three to four finger-widths below. Press gently to open up his sexual energy. (This area happens to be right over the bladder, so if he didn’t relieve himself before the massage, your client may find himself with the urge to urinate.) Next, apply pressure to the point where the legs join the trunk (the thick tendons in the groin area). Lean into them gradually as you press, holding for a minute or two. Being this close to your client’s genital region should be revving him up for the next step.
  3. Massage the upper body. Spending about seven minutes here, use your full hand/palm to slide from the shoulders to the upper chest. “The Shoulder Well” pressure point is in the middle of the tendons on either side of the base of the neck and is highly sensitive to your touch. Knead the area, and move to the clavicle area. Here, there are indentations below the collarbone which are erogenous zones. Press gently with your thumbs and forefingers, moving slowly to the center of the breastbone, directly over the heart. There should be a divot in the bone, which is called the “Sea of Tranquility.” It’s a relaxation trigger. Pressing into this area with your fingers should increase his relaxation. Oil up your hands, again, and drag your hands around his chest to his arms. Caress both of his arms, stopping briefly at the crooks of the elbows. (Keep in mind that the creases in the arm — and all other body creases — are incredibly sensitive.) Using feather strokes, massage his arms and hands.
  4. Touch the tenders. Using 10 minutes of time, approach your client’s genital area. For male clients, use lubricated hands to stroke the underside of his penis from the base to the tip. Slide your fingers from the head of the penis to the midline seam on the underside of his shaft, down to the scrotum. Tease him a bit and drag your fingernails up from the base toward the penis head. Along the way, gently roll his testicles in your hand. The entire penis is full of nerve endings that are VERY sensitive, so any touch you apply here will be appreciated. Make sure that your touch starts out lightly and gets firmer as he becomes more aroused. For female clients, lube up your fingers and approach her genital area lightly. Open up her labia and gently touch her clitoris. Don’t focus on applying direct pressure to her clitoral area, but play with other parts of her vaginal region. Eventually, tease her clitoris as it becomes enlarged. You can finish up either of male or female clients with a “happy ending” or allow them to move to other fulfilling activities.
  5. Use a post-orgasm focus to finish up the encounter. The legs, ankles, feet, thighs, bends in the knees and backs of the legs are highly sensitive at this point. Tickle them or lightly touch them with your fingertips for the best effect. Additionally, the pad under the big toe and the sole of the feet are highly responsive to your touch at this point. Squeeze and apply pressure to them to complete the tension release. Another great move is to slither a well-oiled finger between the big and next toe, twisting it on the way out. Do this on both feet. (This step is optional and may be appropriate if there is still ample time left in the encounter.)
Some important “Don’ts” escorts should remember when giving an erotic massage:
  • Don’t squirt the oil directly on the skin. It can be COLD, which is anything but relaxing! Put it on your hands first, rubbing them together to warm it, before applying it to your client’s body.
  • Don’t use body lotions for the massage. They absorb quickly and will require you to reapply them frequently during the massage, interrupting the flow of the process. Sweet almond oil or apricot oils are lightweight and won’t ruin towels, clothing or linens.
  • Don’t rush the massage. Pay attention to your client throughout the rub-down. If he/she seems to enjoy one portion of the massage more than another, focus on this aspect most. Don’t linger in places that your client doesn’t seem to prefer, regardless of your original strategy regarding the timing of your motions.
  • Don’t use your thumbs too much. It can wear you out quickly, making the last half of the massage disappointing. Utilize your palms and fingers the most.
  • Don’t limit the massage to only lying down. Your client may get more aroused if you kneel behind him and reach around to give him a massage. Try out different methods to determine what works best for both you and your client.


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