The word ‘massage’ can cover a whole host of techniques and methods used to help a person relax, as well as a huge range of areas to focus on from the very tips of the toes to the top of your head. Here on London Escort, we look at the difference between a sensual massage and an erotic massage.

Sensual massage

A sensual massage concentrates of arousing all of the senses with touches all over. The entire body is rubbed, stroked, and massaged in order to arouse the person. The aim is usually to enhance arousal or to begin getting someone aroused.
When enjoying a sensual massage you may have your ‘sweet spots’ touched by your masseuse, but sometimes you may not. It is up to the person giving the message as to how far they will go in order to arouse you. Usually, you will receive a sensual massage without a ‘happy ending’ or without having your genitals touched.

Erotic massage

An erotic massage focuses on the areas of your body that are sexually responsive. While your masseuse may touch on other areas, they will concentrate on your genitals and other areas that get your heart pumping.
With an erotic massage, you could enjoy a happy ending in a number of different ways, depending on how your masseuse decides to help you get there. You could receive an erotic handjob, a great blowjob, or even sex from your partner if they are so inclined. As an erotic massage wants to get you off, you can almost guarantee that you’ll be leaving with a smile on your face.

Where to touch?

There is one main difference between an erotic massage and a sensual massage. The difference tends to be where you touch. For a sensual massage, your entire body will be teased and rubbed to help you maintain a high level of arousal, while an erotic massage will lightly touch areas before moving to your genitals and other sweet spots.
With a sensual massage, it may start at your feet, moving your way up your leg and avoiding your genitals until the very last moment, if they do get some special attention. With an erotic massage, your partner may pass more lightly or quickly over other areas before spending more time on your genitals to try and get you to orgasm.

Which is better?

Which is better all depends on what you are looking for. If you are wanting to be teased and aroused before being sent on your merry way then a sensual massage may be what you are looking for, while an erotic massage will bring you to the edge and send you over it.


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