The Erotic Massage Service – Learn to Master It and to Make It Memorable!

Ladies, as you all know the competition in the escort industry is big and fierce! There are a lot of providers of sex services and a lot of exotic and young girls are entering this business every day.

That’s why it’s important to constantly improve your skills and to offer only the services at which you are an expert at.

Because it is not the number of services listed in your profile, that counts but the level of expertise in that particular service.

Be an expert in the services you provide!
So think about your sexual skills, about the services that you enjoy offering and the ones that are most appreciated by your clients and constantly improve your technique in that area so that you become an expert!

Your goal: become the go-to girl for the clients interested in a particular service. For example, the go-to girl when it comes to erotic massage or the go-to girl for role-playing and sex games.

The erotic massage is on the service list of many escorts but not all of them really master the art of the sensual massage therapy.

Here are some clues on how to make your client always come back for more!

Tips and Tricks of the Trade:
Always set the mood first! Aim to please all the senses: the sight, with some dim light and candles; the hearing, with some relaxing sounds or Buddha Bar music; the smell, with burning incense or scented sticks; the touch, with fine sheets, a warm room and warm, soft hands.

Have a massage bed prepared, because a massage bed helps the body lay down straight, and the simple straight posture can release pressure.

Check for allergies – try the oil first on the client's hand.

Never apply the oil directly to his skin, first apply the oil to your hands.

Take extra care when you massage your date – do not apply too much pressure, only delicate, soothing massage moves!

Talk to him, follow his body language in order to connect and create chemistry between the two of you!

You can say that you are an escort, not a certificated massage therapist, but think of the satisfaction on your clients face and the return of investment when he will book you on a regular basis.

The Perfect Erotic Massage – Step by Step
First of all, you have to set the mood. Prepare the room before the client arrives and if you go on an outcall, arrange everything while the client is in the bathroom changing for the message.

Put on some relaxing music, close the lights, light up some candles and some scented sticks, slip in a silk or satin lingerie, because silk and satin feel great on the skin and wait for him to enter the room and be wowed by your effort and amazing appearance.

Don’t forget the oil!
Oil is the main ingredient when you market yourself as an escort specialized in erotic massage. Choose a natural almond oil, it is oilier but allows your hands and body to slide smoothly.

Also, it doesn’t get absorbed easily so you don’t have to reapply it repeatedly. You can also choose coconut oil, grapeseed, sunflower, argan or avocado oil.

Step 1: The Head Massage
Start the date with a relaxing head massage. Rub his temples and forehead, then run your fingers through his hair and gently apply pressure on the scalp.

Massage the entire scalp and end with a delicate touch of the ears. You can also run your tongue down his ears, taking advantage of this sensitive erogenous zone.

Step 2: The Shoulder and Neck Massage
While the client is lying on the bed, facing down, start massaging his back, shoulder and neck for a relaxing sensation. Get some oil, warm it in your hands and apply it to his upper body.

Rub your hands up and down his shoulder, while slowly you take down your lingerie. Then move your soft, delicate breasts next to his naked body.

Step 3: The Buttocks Massage
Prepare to amaze him and make him moan with delight! The buttocks are a very erotic area so treat them well. Place your palms on a buttock, one hand on top of the other, apply pressure and rotate slowly.

Then move your hands towards his inner thighs and gently touch his family jewels, after that run-up and down his legs, pressing your naked body against his.

From this point on the fun is about to start. He will move restless and sight profoundly. He will turn around, facing up and the sexy time will begin.

Just imagine the amount of erotic tension accumulated during the sensual massage and the intensity of the sensations that he will experience during the actual sexual encounter.

Your oily bodies touching, rubbing and moving at once, the electrifying sensation of your bodies connected…it will definitely be a memorable date.

If you master a technic or a sexual service, you will be memorable for your date, and that translates into a great feedback after the encounter, many recommendations to his close friends and a reliable, longtime client!


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